Investing in the future

We make a substantial impact on every company we invest in by working closely with the founders and management to identify new markets and customers, hire senior talent, provide ongoing guidance, arrange further financing and explore strategic options. We don’t believe the myth that the only place where high tech innovation occurs is in Silicon Valley. There are plenty of high potential local start-ups and incubators / accelerators in the Benelux and the rest of Europe.

Geographical Focus

We consider investment opportunities throughout Europe. Our headquarter is in Amsterdam. It is our specific aim to help companies to grow internationally through our vast business networks.

Entrepreneur Centric

Our strategy is guided by only one mission: to support the highest-potential entrepreneurs in building the winning global companies of tomorrow. We have a passion for entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Relevant experience and industry relationships allow us to be a well-respected partner for ambitious entrepreneurs.

We focus on technology-driven companies in rapidly growing markets in the technology and related industries. Focus areas are: consumer internet, e-commerce, digital media, software, mobile computing, communications, infrastructure services and gaming technology.

Impact driven growth fund for technology

If you, and your team, are one of those start-ups and you are looking for a fund to close the funding gap between small angel rounds of a few hundred thousand euro and VC rounds that typically start at a few million euro, send in your Investment Memorandum. Perhaps we see a fit and will invest in your project.


We are always looking to partner with great management teams. We prefer getting in touch with you personally. Please send us your business plan in advance.
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